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Interactive Maps

Launching Video or Audio Tours from QR Codes on Building Signs

Colleges Embrace Technology: Launching Video or Audio Tours from QR Codes on Buildings Colleges and universities are increasingly adopting innovative technologies to enhance the student experience and attract prospective

What Students Say They Want in Virtual Tours

  When asked by InsideHigherEd what content and features they desire in virtual campus tours, students are very clear with their top choices: Interactive Campus Map Video Tour Video

Campus Maps Deliver Online Video Orientations

Coupling videos with coordinated map movement is a feature CampusTours first debuted in virtual tours in 2009, but the use of “map coordinated video” has seen a dramatic rise

Inexpensive Aerial Photographs Offer Quick Campus Maps

As the costs of creating custom map artwork continue to rise, organizations are increasingly considering less-expensive alternatives including aerial photography. Aerial photograph maps utilize aerial photos taken from a