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AnyTour Adds Language Toggle

CampusTours new AnyTour 7.0 system may now be configured to include an international Language Toggle feature.  Unlike other virtual tour systems, CampusTours AnyTour toggles the entirety of the interface,

AnyMap & AnyTour Add Support for Audio Description (AD) Video

The virtual tour presentation for the National Institutes of Health implements support for Audio Description (AD) videos. CampusTours AnyTour continues to add new accessibility features and support, and now

What Students Say They Want in Virtual Tours

  When asked by InsideHigherEd what content and features they desire in virtual campus tours, students are very clear with their top choices: Interactive Campus Map Video Tour Video

Map Styles Offer Different Advantages

Organizations use a wide variety of styles of maps to convey different information.  CampusTours AnyMap supports all of these map styles, as well as pretty much any other style

Embedded AnyMap

Embed your interactive campus map into your Website with AnyMap

Virtual Tours During COVID-19

As campus closures multiplied in 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis, virtual tours became a lifeline for prospective students, parents, extended family and friends to research potential educational opportunities. Traffic

Virtual Reality (VR) Tour Experiences

CampusTours has recently released CampusToursVR 2.0, a complete update to the company’s virtual reality viewing platform. CampusToursVR 2.0 is built for the new generation of VR viewers including Oculus
Virtual Tours

Guided Video Tours with Student Commentary

Stevens Institute of Technology Virtual Experience ( features Guided Video Tours juxtaposed with unrehearsed Student Commentaries   Guided virtual tours are a staple of college Web sites today, and
3D Animation

Maine Turnpike 3D Photo-Realistic Animations

  When organizations consider announcing or opening a new building, park or construction project, depicting the new experience to the public and investors is of critical importance.  CampusTours constructs
Virtual Tours

Video Enhanced Lead Generation

The Northern Kentucky University interactive campus map experience includes Video Enhanced Lead Generation One of the primary goals of interactive maps and virtual tours on institutional web sites is to