AnyTour Adds Language Toggle

Washburn University virtual tour screenshot showing Spanish-language video tour guide and campus map with Yager Stadium highlighted.

Washburn University’s virtual tour features the CampusTours AnyTour Language Toggle allowing the entire presentation to be instantly translated into Spanish, complete with a Spanish video tour guide! Additional languages are available.

CampusTours new AnyTour 7.0 system may now be configured to include an international Language Toggle feature.  Unlike other virtual tour systems, CampusTours AnyTour toggles the entirety of the interface, including all buttons, map mouseovers, map text and graphical map layers, and even provides a video tour guide and closed captions in the selected language.  Providing a single language toggle simplifies the experience for international prospective students and parents, and anything that makes things easier to understand lowers the barriers to completing an application.

The CampusTours AnyTour international Language Toggle feature also allows clients to create customized Request Information videos in specific languages to accompany the university request information form!  Creating these simple yet instructive videos helps international applicants understand the importance of completing the request information form and joining the mailing list.  In CampusTours focus groups, explanatory videos accompanying information request forms increased form completion rates by more than 300%!

The CampusTours AnyTour system may be implemented as a stand-alone experience, or (as shown above) as an embeddable experience inside the university Web site.

The CampusTours AnyTour Language Toggle feature also features a simple implementation for smartphone users, making it easy to switch languages on mobile devices.

Tpo learn more about implementing the CampusTours AnyTour Language Toggle feature, contact CampusTours.


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