Maine Turnpike 3D Photo-Realistic Animations


CampusTours worked with the Maine Turnpike Authority to develop a 3D photo-realistic model and both overhead and driver’s perspective animations of the new I-95 Exit 80 SPUI Interchange in Lewiston, Maine.


When organizations consider announcing or opening a new building, park or construction project, depicting the new experience to the public and investors is of critical importance.  CampusTours constructs three dimensional photo-realistic models and maps for many organizations, and in some cases creates three dimensional animations to depict new buildings or construction projects.

CampusTours has recently completed a three dimensional model and animations for the Maine Turnpike Authority to help the MTA convey the experience and idiosyncrasies associated with a new kind of interchange that has not been installed in Maine previously.  Together the model and the animations provide a clear depiction of the changes involved in the new intersection, and how drivers will navigate the intersection entrances and exits.

Three dimensional animations are often inserted into organizational maps and presentations to depict buildings and new initiatives prior to construction.  Sometimes CampusTours clients even use 3D animations to depict historical events like the construction of the U.S. Capitol Dome.

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