Video Enhanced Lead Generation

video-enhanced-lead-generation3The Northern Kentucky University interactive campus map experience includes Video Enhanced Lead Generation

One of the primary goals of interactive maps and virtual tours on institutional web sites is to pique the interest of visitors and generate inquiries.  Frequently referred to as “lead generation”, schools and organizations use a variety of techniques to enhance the response rates of their target audiences, and often evaluate the merits of various admissions tools primarily on their ability to generate quality inquiries.

By conducting a series of student focus groups, CampusTours found that prospective students are often suspicious of these efforts to force them to “register” or supply their personal information on each institutional site they visit.  Many students closely guard their personal information online, and are reluctant to fill out forms on Web sites that may generate volumes of recurring email.  According to CampusTours respondents, more than 50% indicated that they are uncomfortable with registering or supplying their personal information until they see tangible benefits for participating.

CampusTours AnyMap, AnyTour and WalkingTour products all now offer Video Enhanced Lead Generation which pairs a video guide with the inquiry form to provide an explanation to the visitor of how their information will be used and why they should complete the form.  Explaining to visitors how their information will be used, and what they will receive for filling out the form can translate to a doubling in the number of inquiries an organization receives from their map or tour.

CampusTours clients often record five or six different Video Enhanced Lead Generation videos featuring different guides, who sometimes even relay personal stories.  Including multiple guides allows the organization to present the Video Enhanced Lead Generation stops several times without replaying the same video, and personal appeals are effective at convincing visitors to respond.

Finally, Video Enhanced Lead Generation may be used to instruct different visitor audiences to complete forms for specific programs, and may even be used to instruct foreign language visitors in the importance of completing the form to receive international admissions materials.

To learn more about how to integrate Video Enhanced Lead Generation into your interactive map or virtual tour, contact CampusTours.





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