3D Vector Maps


Philadelphia University 3D Vector Campus Map

For a clean, graphical treatment of a campus, nothing can beat a 3D Vector map.  By simplifying the image and reducing the detail that is shown in Photo-realistic 3D Maps, 3D Vector allows your buildings to pop while parking, paths and basic landscaping are also highlighted.

3D Vector Maps are traditionally created in Adobe Illustrator or a similar vector program and are sometimes pulled into another program for final retouching.

Though CampusTours’ Photo-realistic 3D Maps are renown for their striking clarity and eye-popping details, some institutions actually prefer 3D Vector Maps for a number of reasons:

  1. 3D Vector Maps look more like maps, and less like aerial photographs
  2. 3D Vector Maps fly off the page in print because of the sharp color contrasts and crisp lines
  3. Cost – it is simply less expensive to draw 3D Vector Maps
  4. Placing icons is sometimes easier on less cluttered 3D Vector Maps
  5. The reduced realism in 3D Vector Maps tends to make map users more forgiving of observed differences between the map and reality


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