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Kennesaw State University’s custom Move-In Maps (


As colleges and universities begin to prepare for Return to Campus weekends, and millions of families pack up the family car for the trip to school, we turn our attention to custom college Move-In maps.  Student Move-In processes differ markedly between various institutions, but all organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of a well-run and orderly move-in process in forming those vital positive first impressions with families.

CampusTours clients can now work with CampusTours to create custom Move-In Maps designed for specific residence locations.  Splitting the Move-In process into location-focused move-in experiences helps organizations prevent the gridlock that can occur when thousands of families descend on a central registration point.  Kennesaw State University in Georgia has developed eight (8) custom Move-In Maps: four (4) for each of their two (2) campuses (see  Having multiple Move-In maps allows Kennesaw to deliver each family a route customized to their specific residence hall, and to prescribe the move-in route for each residence so that parents are not arriving from all directions.

Custom icons on the Move-In Maps give CampusTours clients the ability to showcase a variety of Move-In related resources, events, and opportunities, including parking, student-ID card registration, moving bin checkout, information booths and special events.  Because Move-In Maps are delivered using satellite maps, visitors can easily get turn-by-turn Google directions at any point.  Finally, CampusTours move-in maps allow organizations to feature media such as videos, photos and panoramas to help build and sustain excitement for Move-In Day.

Here are some examples of ways that a custom Move-In Map can help your campus on Back to Campus Weekend:

  • Multiple maps allow schools to give precise directions for each dormitory or housing location
  • Custom highlighted routes make it easy for families to understand where to begin and how to proceed
  • Different routes for students and parents may be established if desired
  • Custom interactive “steps” may be implemented if you require that students proceed to a series of campus offices
  • Unique icons can be created to emphasize any aspect of the Move-In process (unloading, parking, bin checkout, elevators, information tents, events, Housing Office, food/dining, restrooms, dumpsters, recycling, Resident Assistants, cooling stations, etc.)
  • Icons can be attached to unique content including YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos, still photos, panoramic images or text.
  • Directions can be attached to any step in the Move-In map, proving a quick way for visitors to jump to satellite directions on their smartphones
  • Specific instructions can be provided in key areas (“Please vacate the ‘Unloading Zone’ quickly after dropping off your belongings.”)
  • (STOP) – DO NOT ENTER markers can be applied to campus entrances that you do NOT want visitors using during the Move-In process
  • Indicate events that are open to entire families and those reserved for students
  • Mark important food/dining and restroom locations

Developing interactive Move-In maps can help make your current move-in process more enjoyable for everyone and positively impact the impressions of thousands of people visiting your campus.

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