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3D Animation

Maine Turnpike 3D Photo-Realistic Animations

  When organizations consider announcing or opening a new building, park or construction project, depicting the new experience to the public and investors is of critical importance.  CampusTours constructs
Virtual Tours

Video Enhanced Lead Generation

The Northern Kentucky University interactive campus map experience includes Video Enhanced Lead Generation One of the primary goals of interactive maps and virtual tours on institutional web sites is to
Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps: Panels Versus Windows

  The interactive map has become a staple on most organizational Web sites, often providing visitors with their first glimpses of your location and facilities.  As online maps have proliferated, a
Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps with Guided Video Tours

When prospective students or visitors arrive at the online campus map, often it is their first glimpse of your campus.  Many times, these visitors do not yet have a firm grasp
Interactive Maps

AnyMap & AnyTour Integrate GoogleMaps

CampusTours AnyMap and AnyTour now feature the ability to add GoogleMaps to showcase exciting local destinations, businesses in town, local historic attractions, regional or off-site campus locations, study abroad
Interactive Maps

Directions, Road Closures and Seasonal Events

  When your campus is under construction (and this is a near-perpetual state at many institutions today), your interactive map needs to provide clear and well-marked indications of road closures,
Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps in Multiple Languages

IMG Academy Chinese Language AnyMap As international students flock to US institutions, schools, colleges and universities are racing to update their digital media to address an increasingly multinational audience. Traditional school,
Interactive Maps

CampusTours AnyMap & AnyTour Integrate Events Feeds

Your campus is a vibrant place, with a multitude of events including lectures, performances, recitals, debates, contests, intercollegiate, club and intramural sports, dinners, alumni gatherings, and even public ceremonies.
Interactive Maps

3D Vector Map Artwork: University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, in Bradford, Pennsylvania, worked with CampusTours in 2014 to develop 3D Vector campus map artwork and a campus walking tour   The University of
Virtual Tours

Building an Effective Online Walking Tour

  The guide pauses, extending her arm to indicate an ivy-covered building and describes a campus tradition while the tour group takes in the scene.  Parents follow along posing questions,